Rippon (Sandblasted) – 900mm x 600mm Single Size / 20m2 Pack


£570.00 per pack ex VAT
including FREE delivery

£28.50 per m2 ex VAT or…



This RIPPON option has a lightly sandblasted top surface and sawn edges but the underside is calibrated so the thickness of all slabs is approximately 22mm. This process makes the laying of the paving much easier and quicker.

This option of Sandblasted Rippon comes in a 900mm x 600mm single size pack:

900mm x 600mm x 22mm – 36pcs – 20m2 per pack

£28.50 per m2 or £570.00 per pack ex VAT….. or £34.20 per m2 or £684.00 per pack inc VAT… with delivery included.

Prices include delivery to most areas of the UK


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